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December 16, 2014
Adelaide's Best

Lazy Susan Lunch Club

This small-scale monthly food experience is gaining popularity as people realise that hanging out with the Club is exactly how they’d like to spend a Sunday afternoon.


The Lazy Susan team will also begin catering small events soon. Their regular monthly events take place all around town, check the Facebook page for details.

Run by collaborators Josie Withers and Michael Proud, the event sets up monthly in different locations and serves a “family style” long table lunch to a small number of people. Josie and Michael, along with stylist Lynlee Hanan of The Inventory, organise everything – food, wine, decorating – and you just have to hang out, get to know the people sitting around you and quietly eat and drink until you can’t anymore. Each month’s event is announced through the Facebook page and tickets tend to sell out very quickly – so stay vigilant if you are keen to be a part of the next instalment.

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