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August 29, 2015
Adelaide's Best

My kingdom for a horse cafe on Wright Street

Shakespeare's back and he wants a macchiato – pronto!

Coming to life over recent days and nights, CityMag has peeked in with intrigue as the various stages of this expansive cafe have been completed. Initial rumours have it as the new coffee roaster in town and the floor plan certainly allows for such an endeavour. Recent images posted on the cafe’s Facebook page shows a lovely little Probat roaster in action so it seems the rumours are true!

However, what we do know is there’s a vibrant colour scheme and some strong 1970s references in the art-and-brickwork that give this cafe a unique feeling by comparison to the other institutions (Troppo and Paddys) in Adelaide’s SouthWest corner. One of the Melbourne-based owners has a corporate CV with Big W and Woolworths, so we are expecting a very streamlined cafe experience at 191 Wright Street when My Kingdom for a Horse opens on September 15th.

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