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October 13, 2016
Adelaide's Best

Keep an eye out for: 2nd & 6th

Peel Street's first dessert bar (and yes, it's licensed).

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2nd & 6th is currently under development at 12 Peel Street, Adelaide. We’ll keep you updated with news of when it will open.

The empty space next to Alfred’s on Peel Street has been causing speculation for months as it slowly develops behind its blue-screened temporary fencing.

Glimpses behind the barrier reveal a rich mahogany frontage, with inbuilt bench seats where the windows recess into the shop itself. It doesn’t look like (yet) another small bar, and that’s because it’s not.

Instead, the property at 12 Peel Street is set to become a dessert bar – the first of its kind on Adelaide’s premier laneway.

Owner Huy Nguyen will be serving a brunch menu during the day, and sophisticated platefulls of sweet things by night – all influenced by a French-Vietnamese style of cooking.

While it’s not a small bar by definition, 2nd & 6th is set to be licensed (under the small venues category, of course), which is excellent news because there’s nothing like a late night beverage to go with your late night dessert.

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