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November 7, 2019
What's On


8-23 November 2019

Adapted by writer Holly Brindley and director Nescha Jelk, and appearing as part of Rumpus Theatre’s debut season, Yerma takes the ingredients of Spanish playwright Federico García Lorca’s 1934 play and pours them into a 2019 Thermomix.


Rumpus Theatre
100 Sixth Street, Bowden
8-23 November
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Yerma, a 40-year-old Muslim woman, is desperate to have a child. Juan, her husband, isn’t. Neither is able to talk about it.

The couple spends their days gossiping about work colleagues, debating home renovations and inventing secret handshakes. But a pervading tension builds from what is left unspoken.

Through Holly’s modern-day lens, this Yerma update explores what might happen to the couple under the myriad contemporary pressures surrounding marriage and family today.

For tickets and further information, see the event page.

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