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February 11, 2016
What's On

Vacant: The Mill group show

  • Picture: Work by Andrew Dearman

The Mill group shows are lovely because they remind you that places like The Mill are more than just spaces where people work near each other. The Mill is actually a place where people work with each other, and when a lot of the residents come together and exhibit that becomes abundantly clear.


Vacant opens tonight (February 11) at 6pm. There will be beer and music and you can find all the fun at 154 Angas Street, Adelaide.

This show – Vacant – takes its name as its theme as residents explore “how to make something invisible seen and the role that empty space plays in our lives and in our art”.

A good slab of The Mill are involved –

Haneen Martin
Kirsty Martinsen
Margaret Lloyd
Kyle Woodman
Jaya Suartika
Aurelia Carbone
Andrew Dearman
Erin Fowler
Lilian Choo
Josh McCallum
John Blines
The Photography of Ché Chorley
Peter Fong
Sarie Tardif
Bottles Woodman
Jaya Suartika

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