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May 18, 2017
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Under the Weather

It seems unseasonably cold this May.

This could be the truth or it could just be a feeling. At the very least there are four walls and a heater under the desk at CityMag HQ that can help us to forget the bite of cold on the tip of our noses every morning commute.


Under the Weather: Images of climate change from the streets opens 6pm Friday, 19 May at The Minor Works Building, 22 Stamford Court, Adelaide.

The summer just gone was also weirdly hot and stormy. Again, whether fact or feeling, the truth is most people’s experience of the extremes of weather happen through weather reports and small talk, rather than direct dealings with the elements.

But not everyone is so lucky.

Under the Weather: Images of climate change from the streets is a photo exhibition exploring how people experiencing homelessness navigate the increasingly extreme weather conditions.

Participants from the Hutt St Centre’s Pathways to Education program and Aged City Living program were asked to document their experiences of extreme weather and how it deepens the difficulty of living with homelessness.

The opening of the exhibition is happening at 6pm-9pm Friday, 19 May at 22 Stamford Court. Entry is free but capacity is limited, so RSVP here to ensure a spot.

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