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February 28, 2022
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The Photo Box

3—7 March 2022

Local storyteller Emma Beech presents the world premiere of The Photo Box, a production set in regional South Australia that follows the youngest member of a big Catholic family and her search for truth.


The Photo Box
3—7 march
Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
King William Street, Adelaide 5000
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Emma created The Photo Box after her parents gave her a collection of family photos a few hours before she was set to perform a show. She decided to look through the photos or the first time on stage in front of an audience.

While on stage, Emma found a picture of herself as a baby, being held by her mother who was 40 at the time.

Resonating with the picture, as she herself was a 40-year-old mother, Emma was inspired to develop this heartfelt production.

The Photo Box shows at the Space Theatre, as part of the Adelaide Festival, from 3—7 March.

For more information, see the event page.

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