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July 19, 2021
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The 7 Stages of Grieving

1—7 August 2021

The 7 Stages of Grieving was first written in 1995 by Deborah Mailman and Wesley Enoch and is a work which presents seven stages of Aboriginal history: Dreaming, Invasion, Genocide, Protection, Assimilation, Self-Determination and Reconciliation.


The 7 Stages of Grieving
1—7 August
Space Theatre, Adelaide Festival Centre
King William Road, Adelaide 5000
Tickets and more info

Performances from 28—31 July have been cancelled due to the lockdown. Visit the website for updated information.

This State Theatre staging of the Sydney Theatre Company production is directed by Shari Sebbens, whose résumé includes Black Comedy and Thor: Ragnarok, and stars Helpmann Award winner Elaine Crombie.

The work was updated in the early ‘00s to include the Rainbow Bridge Walk for Reconciliation in its telling of modern Aboriginal history, with Mailman telling the Sydney Morning Herald she sees the piece “as something that would continue to evolve”.

It remains as relevant, poignant, and thought-provoking as ever.

For tickets and more information, see the event page.

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