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August 6, 2020
What's On

SALA: Waterline

1—31 August 2020

While some of us might be missing the beach at the moment, local artist Edwina Cooper has captured the sensory experience of water with her SALA exhibition, Waterline.


Waterline virtual exhibition
1-31 August
Online via @waterline_project
More info here.

The Instagram-based exhibition will run until 31 August and catalogues a series of sound and moving image pieces taken from five different countries.

Influenced by her experiences as a sailor, Edwina has combined her knowledge of the ocean with the idea of finding peace in bodies of water in times of crisis.

Waterline joins more than 300 SALA exhibitions online and in spaces ranging from galleries, cafes and wineries to public parks, footpaths and windows.

This is a free exhibition. For more information, visit the event page.

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