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July 13, 2017
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Reclink Community Cup

  • Picture: John Goodridge

In the music industry of 2017, Twitter beefs between personalities flare and fizzle at a rapid rate.

Though many have preceded it, there is perhaps no beef more iconic than that which exists between Drake and Meek Mills, reaching way back into the Twitter annals of the year 2015.


The Adelaide Reclink Community Cup is happening from 12pm Sunday, 16 July at Coopers Stadium in Norwood.

For more information, check out the event page.

Carn the Anchors.

This was a big year in beefs. Not only was it the year Drake’s rap prowess was called into question, it was also a time when tensions between Adelaide’s music industry and Adelaide’s media industry reached vitriolic highs.

This, as we at CityMag are wont to announce, is a Most Under-rated Beef.

Rather than hash(tag)ing it out on social media, the musos and the media elite decided on a battle royale to be held at Norwood Oval, with all proceeds from the event going to Reclink Australia.

The singers and songwriters steeled away for weeks until the Rockatoos were formed. The wordsmiths sat up from their desks, and any that weren’t immediately out of breath were knighted as Anchors.

The fight was inevitably fought, but the feud, persists to this day.

And so once again, this weekend, on Sunday, 16 July at 12pm, the Rockatoos and the Anchors will go head-to-head, and you are invited to watch it all unfold.

Pick a side, buy a beanie, donate your $5 on entry (gold coin donation for kids), and enjoy the unparalleled mix of sportsmanship, live music, and charitable fundraising for a very good cause.

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