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August 8, 2018
What's On

Reclink Community Cup

  • Picture: John Goodridge

Another 12 months have passed, but the bitter feud between Adelaide’s music community and the media elites (Carn the Anchors) has yet to simmer down.


Adelaide’s Reclink Community Cup is happening on Sunday, 12 August from 12pm at Norwood Oval.

The rivalry has become so vicious, even our national broadcaster couldn’t ignore it, leading their story with the professional objectivity we know to expect from the news institution.

It’s sure to be an incredible game, as it is every year, and all in the name of a good cause, so head down to Norwood Oval on Sunday, 12 August from 12pm, and join us in cheering on  the ol’ Anchors.

Adult tickets are $5, kids can get in on a gold donation, all of which is donated to Reclink Australia.

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