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August 6, 2018
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Raising the Bar

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One should always approach the pub with an open mind.


Raise the Bar Adelaide is happening across 10 bars through the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters this Tuesday, 7 August from 6:30pm.

For the full lineup of talks, venues and times, see the Raising the Bar website.

As anyone who has spent more than a minute lining up for a schooie next to a chatty barfly can attest, Australian front bars are truly hubs of public thought.

These slurred interactions often leave a lasting impression, but after a cursory Google it becomes clear the strongly worded views could benefit from further research.

The City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters is levelling up the standard of pub philosophy with Raising the Bar, during which the beer-soaked stage will be handed over to our city’s brightest minds. It will be an evening of public talks held in pubs and bars across the council area, happening this Tuesday, 7 August from 6:30pm.

The potential topics to ponder over a pint are broad, and if freshly brewed beer and lasers are your thing, stop in at Little Bang Brewery on Union Street and listen to professor of laser engineering David Lancaster talk about lasers and laser powered stuff (maybe ask him how far away we are from the Death Star?)

At the Maylands Hotel, Dr Fiona Kerr will hopefully put our mind at ease regarding the encroaching robotopocalypse, during her talk When is a human better than a machine?

We’ve spoken a little about the likelihood of Water Wars on these pages before, and since then the public discussion around the future of the Murray Darling Basin Plan has only become more heated. Professor Lin Crase thinks we should all be worried, and if you turn up to the Robin Hood at 6:30pm, he’ll tell you why.

If you’ve got a midwinter escape to warmer climes planned in the coming weeks, you might like to hear from Professor Marianna Sigala how social media is transforming our holiday experiences. Head to The Colonist, grab a crafty brew from the bar, nestle somewhere close to the fire, leave your phone in your pocket, and listen in.

There are 20 talks in total, hosted across 10 bars, all of which are free to attend – see the full lineup and book a spot through the Raising the Bar website, as spaces are limited.

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