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October 13, 2020
What's On

Parks and Rockreation

Sunday, 18 October 2020

  • Main image: Parklands piss ups are a bit of a thing
  • Picture: Jack Fenby

This Sunday we forecast masses sinking frothies on Nantu Wama (aka 88 O’Connell Street, aka aka the North Adelaide Le Cornu site), while listening to live local music. It’ll be the first episode of Parks and Rockreation, which is a monthly showcase of Adelaide’s best sounds, in a different green space pocketing the city.


Parks and Rockreation
3pm ’til 7:30pm Sunday, 18 October

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Parks and Rockreation is one of Music SA’s many responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is the first of three events as part of the series, which has rock duo the Wanderers, neo-soul five-piece Neon Tetra and Adelaide indie-folk constant Alana Jagt billed to play, with programming by the Royal Oak Hotel.

Each of these happenings are curated by an iconic Adelaide venue and are totally free to attend. Staazi and Co will be on call for all your vegan and potato-based needs, and you can also stand with your drink (wow!). But no dancing is permitted. Upon entry you’ll be given a rug to make your stay more comfortable.

Stay tuned to Music SA for announcements of future Parks and Rockreation episodes.

For more information, see the event page.

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