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August 19, 2022
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17—28 August 2022

An exhibition of new furniture made almost completely from paper waste sees contemporary artist, maker and musician Kaspar Schmidt Mumm spectacularly turn trash into treasure.


Until Sunday, 28 August
SODA Objects
1 Rosetta Street, West Croydon 5008
Wed—Sun: 11am ’til 5pm
Opening Event: 6—10pm, Friday, 26 August
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Parcel, the award-nominated SALA exhibition, is the result of Kaspar’s deep dive into creating new forms from recycled paper.

The multidisciplinary artist, who is also a member of the cult artist collective The Bait Fridge and their house band Slowmango, collected paper waste from bins and dumpsters to create 20 original furniture pieces – including lounge chairs, stools, tables, and poufs – from recycled materials.

The wastepaper Kaspar collected from factories, schools, architecture firms, printers, bins, and dumpsters are shredded, blended, and mixed with a variety of glues and colours to form a clay-like render.

Kaspar – the 2023 recipient of the prestigious Porter Street Commission – then covered the objects in paper render to breathe new life into disused garbage.

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