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August 2, 2018
What's On

Not Quite White

Taking over Chateau Apollo this Saturday and Sunday, The Fruitful Pursuit’s Not Quite White event will collect together an enormous range of the nation’s very best skin contact white wines, ready for revellers to sip and slurp through, and rate via the event’s specially designed app, Pursuit of Yum.


Not Quite White will showcase over 40 orange and amber wine producers at Chateau Apollo, 74 Frome Street, this Saturday and Sunday, 4-5 August.

For tickets, head here.

If you’ve not heard, CityMag has been covering the world of orange and amber wine over the last month or so, from the maker of the pots, the professionals who pour of the wines, and the grapecrushers themselves – and we’re pretty excited to finally taste the wines we’ve heard so much about.

If you’re in the same boat, grab a ticket here – there are one- and two-day passes available (at $35 and $60 respectively) – and we’ll see you there!

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