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February 25, 2019
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Nazeem Hussain: Basic Idiot

  • Words: Jesse Neill
  • Pictures: Supplied

Nazeem Hussain, the multi-talented comedian, actor, television and radio presenter is returning to the Adelaide Fringe for his fifth consecutive solo show, Basic Idiot.

Audiences can expect Nazeem’s show to reflect on what has been a massive year, both personally and professionally.


Nazeem Hussain: Basic idiot
The Factory at The Garden of Unearthly Delights
4-10 March

“My stand up shows tend to be the funniest bits of the last year of my life,” he says.

“Its been a pretty busy year for me. I’ve become a dad, I’ve been touring around a lot, things have been going on politically that annoyed me — it all makes it onto the show.”

The performer recorded his first Netflix special and launched Orange is the New Brown, a new sketch show on Channel 7.

Nazeem reveals that despite all of this success, the birth of his child has added new sense of pressures to his comedy.

“When my kid was born, I remember holding him and thinking ‘I’m going to look after him, I’m going to provide for him.’ Then it dawned on me that I’ve got to provide for this person by telling jokes – I can never run out of jokes now,” Nazeem says.

“So it’s made me look at comedy in a slightly more stressful way.”

This doesn’t seem to be an immediate problem; Nazeem has been selling out shows across Australia, New Zealand, London, Montreal, Edinburgh, China, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

He’s also no stranger to the Adelaide Fringe, having first performed here as the double act Fear of a Brown Planet in 2008, and he believes it’s the best place for new ideas.

“I think that’s why all the comedy festivals tend to be after the Adelaide Fringe because people like to go to Adelaide first,” he says.

“I always look forward to Adelaide because it’s the start of the whole run for me. If I spend time away in any city, I’ll do it in Adelaide where I can develop the show to an audience of people that are up for new stuff and are encouraging.

“I also feel like Adelaide certainly punches above its weight. It’s not one of the biggest cities in Australia, but the Fringe Festival quite literally takes over most of the city. For a city to embrace not just a comedy festival but a fringe festival that’s got all manner of acts performing is pretty crazy. It speaks to how open-minded people are here.”

Despite having a soft spot for the Adelaide Fringe, Nazeem admits that he hasn’t seen much of the city.

“I always intend to but then I just end up falling asleep. I really don’t know where to go, so if anyone reading this wants to volunteer, I’d be more than happy have a guide each day,” he says.

Nazeem will perform Basic Idiot in The Garden of Unearthly Delights from 4-10 March. Tickets start at $22.

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