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August 20, 2020
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MOD. reopens

Current exhibition: 'Seven Siblings from the Future'. Now—28 November 2020

  • Picture: Supplied

The University of South Australia’s science museum, MOD., opened to the public on Tuesday, five months since COVID-19 forced the temporary closure of the venue.


North Terrace, Adelaide 5000
Tue—Fri: 10am ’til 4pm

While many of us headed online to participate in MOD.’s timely project, Life Interrupted, all other IRL offerings were paused.

But this reopening means you, Adelaide constituent, can go and visit all things innovative and scientific in person, and pick up where we left off.

The sci-fi exhibition Seven Siblings from the Future, which explores how a family in climate change-ravaged 2050 Australia, helps attendees to find their own definition of a good life, and is available to be viewed until 28 November.

We’re also told virtual haircuts are available, as well as a synthetic and emission-free burgers.

There’s no better time to be pondering the future than during a pandemic – and no better place to do it than MOD.

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