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June 15, 2017
What's On

Lust and Introspection exhibition


Lust and Introspection opens 5.30pm Friday, June 16 at Peanut Gallery – Shop 115, Adelaide Arcade.

Neither lust nor introspection are particularly practical pastimes, nevertheless, when minds are idle, we’re drawn to them.

Hosted at Peanut Gallery upstairs in Adelaide Arcade, Lust and Introspection is an exhibition that draws from both themes, featuring the work of Matty Pearson, who “paints visions and dreams of sexual encounters and domestic life,” and Bill Oakley, whose paintings “[play] with ideas of disillusionment, romanticism, pontification and introspection.”

The exhibition will run for two weeks, with the opening event happening from 5:30pm-8pm on Friday, 16 June.

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