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July 19, 2018
What's On

Hybrid World

Now in its second year, Adelaide’s leading tech and digital entertainment conference, Hybrid World is back, with a bunch of talks and workshops available for you and your tech-minded buddies.


Hybrid World is happening from 20-24 July. See the website for more details.

You can race drones (or watch people race drones), build and program cute robots, watch other people’s cute robots in combat, learn how to solder (the fundamentals are important), learn how to make a podcast with host of Download This Show (and every other youth- or tech-based program coming out of the national broadcaster), Marc Fennel. If Esports is an interest within your wheelhouse, you can watch the National High School Esports Rocket League Championship, which is something we at CityMag now know exists.

From the speakers, you can hear about the five technologies that will shape your future, whether we should focus less on AI and more on trustworthy machines, whether we are already in the future, the reality of a mixed reality, and how Ten Gigabit Adelaide will transform the city (which you can also get a primer on here).

For more information and tickets, jump over to the Hybrid World site.

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