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July 31, 2014
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HIRAETH – by Gary Seaman

SALA returns for another year and while the catalogue of art(ourists) continues to grow, CityMag is happy to find those living artists we can wholeheartedly endorse. First up: Gary Seaman.

HIRAETH is Gary Seaman’s fifth solo show. The visual artist has steadily developed and refined his street-inspired work on wood to the point now where we’re finding it difficult to determine whether he or a computer is producing this incredibly detailed, almost holographic work.


Friday August 1st
6PM • Tooth & Nail Gallery
22-28 Coromandel Place
Adelaide, 5000

The trademark aerosol and markers are back but a new depth has crept in – even a darkness. And while the work remains humble and yes, even cute, Gary’s creations for HIRAETH seem more poignant and make us believe there’s a little more personal truth to them this time.


Regardless of our own reactions, you’ll need to go to this show at Tooth and Nail. And go early this Friday because Gary’s shows sell incredibly well. And fast!

This is in-part because of their easy aesthetic language; a visual snapshot that seems to reference that time you were down that alley in Melbourne. But Gary’s continued success isn’t only because of a ‘street art’ tag but rather, it’s due to the fact that Gary creates an entire world out of a single exhibition. It’s not just the walls, adorned with art – but the roof, the floor, maybe even walls outside. It’s not just framed prints or orignals but handmade wooden blocks and sculpture that you’ll find at Tooth and Nail. There’ll also likely be art you cannot buy, painted directly to walls that will be painted over once HIRAETH is over. It’s that ephemeral feeling which people are drawn to and make Gary Seaman a success.


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