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April 26, 2018
What's On

Heartwarmer 01

Following on from the successful round of small-scale summer Sundown parties, those Fruitful lads are once again assembling vinophiles in small batches for Heartwarmer – a wine party for the colder months.


Heartwarmer 01 kicks off at 2pm on Sunday, 29 April at Bar Torino.

The first in the series will be hosted at Bar Torino and will feature Aphelion, Freddy Nerks, Good Intentions, Little Things, Livewire, and Sigurd, all pouring to the beat of Sno Drop, with tapas supplied from the humble host venue.

The fun starts this Sunday, 29 April at 2pm, tastings will run until 4pm, and the event will roll on until 7pm. For tickets and further information, see the event page.

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