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December 4, 2014
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Gilles Street Market – Grand Bazaar

We've noticed the "days of Christmas" has become a retail mantra this year and well, it's working on us. We're heading along to Gilles Street Market's annual GRAND BAZAAR to get ahead of the gifting countdown clock that's ever-ticking!

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This Sunday the Gilles Street Market transforms into the Grand Bazaar. An annual event, the Grand Bazaar expands the Gilles Street Market from its usual location in Gilles Street Primary to Gilles Street proper, with a section of road being blocked off to facilitate the over one hundred and forty stalls that will be present, half again the normal number.

Intended as a platform for young South Australian designers, the market focuses on fashion and accessories, with the stalls ranging from vintage to retail clearance, designer samples, and new designers, all showing off their merchandise. Browse all the labels and traders who’ll be taking over the Street this Sunday on the website and make a day of it this Sunday.


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