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November 8, 2017
What's On

German Christmas Biscuit Class


Book yourself into Anne-Marie’s German biscuit class on November 11 by sending her an email.

Anne-Marie’s German Cake Lessons
49 Carlisle Street
Ethelton SA 5015

Just look at that photo. Look at those biscuits. Tell me you’re not salivating.

I know you want to eat them, because I want to eat them. Which doesn’t say much because I want to eat everything.

Anne-Marie can teach you how to make those biscuits and other delicious looking and tasting treats in her humble Ethelton home.

Born next to the Rhine and the French German border in Southwest Germany, which is not far from the Black Forest, Anne-Marie began learning how to bake at the tender age of 8. But she lives in Australia now, thank goodness (imagine if she didn’t… we couldn’t possibly learn to bake those biscuits if she didn’t!).

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