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May 17, 2019
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Forage in the Fields

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  • Pictures: Andrea Jacob

Following the success of Ngeringa’s vintage lunch collaboration with Brendan Cato, the Sydney chef behind The Farmed Table, back in March, the Basket Range winery has invited him back for gastronomic celebration of all things mushroom.

Join the crew on a wild mushroom foraging trip throughout Basket Range on Sunday, 26 May, followed by lunch back at the vineyard, where Brendan will prepare the best of Ngeringa’s fresh produce to the table, paired with current and cellared vintage wines.


Forage in the Fields
Sunday, 26 May in Basket Range
Lunch will happen at Ngeringa Biodynamic Vineyard
119 Williams Road, Mount Barker 5251

“This is something that we hosted last year also…Mushroom foraging has been a passion of mine for many years now, and I have foraged around the world in many different countries for various wild mushrooms,” Brendan says.

The event will start with “a chat and introduction on wild mushrooms, what to look for and what varieties we might find,” Brendan says.

“Then we’ll be foraging at a property in Basket Range followed by a brunch utilising the wild mushrooms, cooked over open fire where I will explain the best methods of cooking them and how to clean and prepare them.

Spots are limited, so get in quick by booking a spot through, or phone 08 8398 2867.

L-R: Good mates Brendan Cato and Erinn Klein

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