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December 26, 2017
What's On

FOMO Festival


FOMO Festival will be a thing on Sunday January 7 at Elder Park. Tickets are here.

Apparently, music festivals still happen. We’re surprised, but that’s probably just because we’re old. But, given they’re going to keep existing, it seems sensible for them to take on the logic that FOMO Festival has, which is to just have a single, well-programmed stage.

This stops that thing happening where whoever you went to the festival with goes to see another band at another stage and then you can’t find each other again for approximately three years. It also helpfully avoids those timetable clashes that happen when the only two bands you wanted to see at the festival are inevitably on at the same time. And since this year’s line-up includes Kaytranada and SZA, that’s very helpful. 

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