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September 28, 2021
What's On

Exhibition: Board to Death

Opening: Sunday, 3 October 2021

  • Skateboard artwork above L—R: Toad, Cloak&Dagga, Ha-Ha, H. Fleming and Olivia Moore

Curator Nick Fahey has gathered together more than 50 artists to contribute to his exhibition, Board to Death – a range of artworks produced on skateboards.


Board to Death
Opening: 12pm Sunday, 3 October
153 Sturt Street, Adelaide 5000

“A group show of Adelaide artists exhibiting artwork on skateboards [is] an idea I’ve had for years, but [was] brought to life in Adelaide’s most recent lockdown,”Nick says.

“The hope being to motivate artists in isolation to produce something new to be shown at local café and huge supporter of local art, Erb’n’flo.”

The café’s owner, Joshua Muller, also had a hand in curating the artists, which include Thom Buchanan, Driller Jet Armstrong, KAB101 and prolific sticker artists Cloak&Dagga

A big get for the exhibition, Nick says, was stencil artist Regan Tamanui, who goes by the tag HA-HA.

“Although living in WA now Ha-Ha was a significant member of the Melbourne stencil graffiti movement that boomed about a decade ago,” he says.

Board to Death will open at Erb’n’flo from midday on Sunday, 3 October, and Nick plans for this to be an annual event.

Erb’n’flo is located at 153 Sturt Street, Adelaide.

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