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September 9, 2021
What's On


16—18 September 2021

“Oh stop the world and let me off” – Patsy Cline
“Clatter! Crash! Clack!” – Björk


Australian premiere, presented by Vitalstatistix
16—18 September
Waterside Workers Hall
11 Nile Street, Port Adelaide 5015

A tapestry of sonic debris and aural hedonism, deep contemplation and total abandon.

A sibling to Sentients (2018, Climate Century, Vitalstatistix) and distant cousin to Masc (2019, Day for Night, Liveworks [SYD] & Brunswick Mechanics Institute [MLB]), Emission is the last in the trilogy of sound-based performance works by Tarndanya-based duo Sweeney/König.


A sonic immersion driven by live analogue noise, interactive tree branches, reel to reel tapes, electronic samples and comedic soundbites, Sweeney/König will take you from penetrating ferocity to near silence and through the deep cuts between these extremes.

For more information and to purchase tickets, see the event page.

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