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June 19, 2018
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The Democracy Project x Centre of Democracy

  • Picture: Badstance

The Democracy Project – an initiative of our sister publication City Standard –  is not really like anything that’s been done before.


The Democracy Project Q&A takes place Tuesday June 26, 6pm-7pm, in the Hetzel Theatre at the Institute Building on North Terrace.

The event is free. Register your attendance here.

The event is supported by the Centre of Democracy.

It’s data journalism that will hold our government to account using stats not statements. It’s a push back against the 24-hour news cycle. It’s acknowledgement that its hard to trust political rhetoric, and hard to trust the media, but that there can be a better way of keeping democracy ticking.

But because it’s never been done before, there’s a lot of questions people have too. Things like, but what actually is it? How will it happen? Where will the data come from? Are you a front for the Labor party (we’re not – we’re proudly non-partisan!)?

To answer all these questions and more, and in partnership with the Centre of Democracy, City Standard are holding an event.

Come along to the Institute Building on North Terrace next Tuesday, 6pm-7pm to hear Josh Fanning and Farrin Foster explain the ins and outs of the project, answer absolutely any question you have, or you can just heckle.

All are welcome, the event is free, and it will be warm in there. See you then.

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