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August 9, 2017
What's On

Barbecue screening with Low & Slow


The screening is happening this Sunday August 13, from 4pm to 7.30pm. More info here.

Hey! We have an idea: Instead of watching Barbecue on Netflix later this August, head over to the brand spanking new Chateau Apollo event space and watch it with some Low & Slow in ya hands.

What are you talking about, CityMag? You don’t watch a BBQ, you eat food cooked on a BBQ, duh.

Barbecue is a film, watch the trailer here.

Oh, okay. How much is gonna cost me? I’m pretty poor right now.

$22 will get you a ticket to the movie, a brisket burger, and the delightful experience of chilling in the same space (Chateau Apollo) as the film’s producer and composer.

Thanks, CityMag! 

You’re welcome, reader.


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