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January 31, 2018
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Adelaide Central Market turns 149

Birthplace of Charlesworth Nuts, home to Sun Mi’s Sushi, Asian Gourmet, Dough, The Smelly Cheese Shop (pictured above), and Archie the Elephant (pictured below) – there’s a lot to celebrate about the Adelaide Central Markets.

And even more so this weekend, as the world’s finest food and produce hall (we’re biased, but it’s still true) celebrates its 149th birthday.

The official celebrations include cooking demonstrations, live music, free cupcake decorating, and a balloon giveaway, but if you’re not much into birthday festivities, pick a few of your favourite Central Market producers, spend some money, take seat, and enjoy the spectacle of the hustle and bustle.

The event kicks off at 9am and runs until 1:30, for more information see the event page.

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