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December 12, 2016
What's On

A Very Festive Format Festival

Another way to keep your Christmas interesting.


The festival will be kicking off from December 16 to 23.

The folks at Format are putting on a Christmas festival, and the line up is looking suitably weird.

The festivities include, but are not limited to:

The Basty H Yuletide Ensemble
The Brickworks Markets at Format Systems
Pat Telfer (Old Mate)
The Business Pony Fashion Collective
Choral Grief
Spooky Comedy at Format
Brad Cameron‘s Walking Tour of Adelaide III: Looking for the Fern Blossom
Fizzy caffeinated liquids labelled with abstract concepts like “Joy” and “Confusion” and “Hope” and “Pathos”
Proper coffee and treats courtesy of Augnablik.

Circle back to the official Facebook event to stay up to date with the festival’s happenings.

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