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July 30, 2019
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SALA: ’30°S’ and ‘touches’ at Ensemble & Sibling

  • Words: Stephanie Lyall
  • Main image: Artwork by Anna Horne

Serendipitously opening side by side on the same night, Olivia Kathigitis, Anna Horne and Lana Adams’ SALA exhibitions at neighbouring Gilles Street businesses Ensemble and Sibling are set to satisfy audiences aesthetically and ethically.

Olivia and Anna are both in the running for this year’s SALA contemporary art prize with works from their exhibition 30°S at Ensemble, which brings their respective art practices into close conversation with the ethical and sustainable principles of the space.


Exhibition hosted by Ensemble
94 Gilles Street, Adelaide 5000
1-15 August

Exhibition hosted by Sibling
96 Gilles Street, Adelaide 5000

Dual opening night event: 6pm Thursday, 1 August
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Lana Adams, Untitled (1)


While Olivia is well-known for her jewellery designs, here she presents photography and a series of wall hangings. Anna’s sculptural works consider the materiality – as well as the impact and waste – of traditional sculptural practices.

Meanwhile, next door at Sibling, touches is a solo exhibition be local photographer Lana Adams consisting of gentle landscapes capturing an uncanny stillness in moments that seem to be on the verge of bursting – be it with fear, melancholy, energy or beauty.

The works presented in touches have been selected for their personal meaning, but will be sure to attract the attention of thoughtful cafe-goers throughout the SALA period.

30°S will have a short exhibition period from 1-15 August, while touches runs the full length of SALA Festival, 1-31 August. Works are available to purchase.

Olivia Kathigitis, What if I Fall Asleep

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