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October 1, 2020

Stand-up drinking at licensed venues permitted in some circumstances from midnight Friday

It's convoluted, so write this down: standing and drinking while in the outdoor section of a pub will soon be allowed, as well as indoors at private functions under 150 people.

  • Main image: Dave Court


South Australia’s slow crawl toward normality will inch slightly further ahead from 00:00 on Saturday, 3 October, as standing while drinking – or as the Premier called it, “vertical consumption” of alcohol – is permitted under certain circumstances.

In licensed venues, such as pubs, restaurants, cafés and bars, you will be allowed to stand while drinking in the an outdoor section.

Inside the venue, however, you will still be required to be seated while drinking for the time being.

Event deejays will be happy to hear the combination of dancing, drinking and standing will also be permitted from midnight Friday, though this strictly applies to private functions of fewer than 150 people held at licensed venues.

These events must be invite-only so the government can conduct contact tracing if required. These private parties can be held indoors or outdoors.

SA chief public health officer Professor Nicola Spurrier says she feels confident people could drink alcohol while standing indoors if they were guests of private events.

“There will be a way of making sure it’s just that 150 (people),” she said at today’s press conference.

“From my perspective in health that means I can do the contact tracing because we’ll have all of those details.”

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said there is no plan to review COVID-19 management plans any time soon, meaning nightclubs will have to wait a while longer before drinking and dancing is once again permitted inside licensed venues.

For more information from today’s coronavirus press conference, check out InDaily.

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