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November 20, 2020

South Australia’s lockdown eases with restrictions to lift from midnight Saturday

The ban on exercising was lifted from midday Friday and the stay-at-home order in South Australia will lift from midnight Saturday.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem


It is a November miracle.


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We hoped the harsh lockdown imposed on South Australia this week would be short, and so it shall be.

At a press conference on Friday, 20 November, the ban on exercising outside of the home was lifted effective immediately, with people who share a residence able to leave the house together for the purposes of exercise (furry housemates are the most grateful).

Masks are still not mandatory, but encouraged.

From midnight Saturday, 21 November (aka 00:00 Sunday), restrictions will be wound back further, similar to the levels imposed on South Australia earlier in the week.

Hospitality venues are capped at 100 people, and they must abide by the one-person-per-four-square-metres rule. Stand-up drinking is not permitted, and there must be no groups larger than 10 people.

There will be allowanced for weddings (150 people max.), funerals (50 people max.), and religious ceremonies that are not weddings (100 people max.).

Private gatherings will be restricted to 50 people, and only 10 people are permitted to be at a private residence at any one time.

Personal care providers, such as people working at hairdressers and tattoo and nail salons, must wear a mask. Their clients aren’t required to wear a mask, but it is encouraged.

And gyms have been permitted to reopen.

The one-in-four-square-metre rule is not a workable solution for many people in the hospitality and live music industry, and so the hope is for South Australia to return to where it was prior to the Parafield cluster outbreak.

The only hint at further easing during the Friday press conference came from Police Commissioner Grant Stevens, who said, “we are also aiming, on the basis that we are able to put a ring fence around this current level of activity, that we will revert to where we were last Friday, in terms of the level of restrictions we had in our community, on the 1st of December, at the same time we are planning to relax borders for the Victorian/South Australian border.”

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