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March 30, 2020

PSA: Haigh’s Chocolates are available online. All. The. Time.

The deadline for getting your order in and your chocolate stash back before Easter though is looming.

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  • Words: Josh Fanning


It was with great relief Haigh’s Chocolates confirmed they would be pushing ahead with the same level of chocolate production in 2020 as the previous year despite the wholesale disruption of COVID-19.

It occurred to us last week, when walking by the beautiful Beehive Corner store that the now-national business might be scaling back as a precaution, but this week a spokesperson for Haigh’s Chocolates confirmed 2020 levels of chocolate would, again, be abundant.


Experiencing the impact of social distancing? Nothing expresses the warmth of a hug or kiss as much as chocolate. Why not send someone a Haigh’s Chocolates special delivery as a way of reminding them you care?

Haigh’s encourages you to place your online orders by 2pm Friday 3rd April to give the best possible chance to arrive prior to Good Friday 10th April

“During trading hours, we are ensuring that we are doing all we can to maintain social distancing requirements,” says Haigh’s Chocolates marketing manager Fiona Krawczyk.

“Haigh’s Chocolates door greeters will have hand sanitiser for customers as they enter for the safety of both customers and Haigh’s store members,” she adds.

CityMag has covered Haigh’s Chocolate’s in-depth since we started publishing in 2013 – the lauded family business was one of our very first business profiles and when the company added online sales and delivery to their business model we naturally assumed Australia would collectively put on a quiet kilo thanks to the convenience.

Now online sales and delivery is coming into its own for the company with record turnover being clocked through Haigh’s Chocolates digital checkout.

Easter is always a big season for the confectionary manufacturer along with Christmas.

Haigh’s has made more than 950,000 chocolate bilbies for Easter since 1993, when they launched the local competitor to the easter bunny. Proceeds from sales of the chocolate bilby are donated to the Foundation for Rabbit Free Australia (RFA) and its work to protect the environment for both indigenous biodiversity and animal food production, including the bilby, an endangered native marsupial.

Haigh’s 2020 collection titled Easter Parade includes a wide selection of classic Easter gifts and novelties and features eight different sized chocolate eggs that have been carefully handmade and hand-wrapped in quality, bright coloured foils that can be recycled.

And for those who find themselves in town and wondering about Haigh’s shopfront status, we can confirm the stores are indeed open for business (as of 30-30-2020).

“Haigh’s Chocolates is extending trading hours so that people can plan their shopping and come in during a quieter time period. We are encouraging card only sales and have registers set up as such,” says Fiona.

“We also have an hourly cleaning roster and we have temporarily suspended our tasting programme – a tasting will be provided upon request. We thank everyone for their understanding,” she says.

For those wishing to maintain their self-isolation regime they have until this Friday, April 3 to order online for the best chance of Haigh’s Chocolates being delivered before the Easter long weekend.

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