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August 3, 2020

Patrons must be seated while drinking at licensed venues from midnight Tuesday

In a bid to get one step ahead of the coronavirus in South Australia, from midnight on Tuesday, 4 August patrons in licensed venues must be seated while consuming booze.

  • Main Image: If you want to drink at Udaberri, pull up a pew


In light new two new positive COVID-19 cases in South Australia, Premier Steven Marshall has announced increased restrictions for South Australia.


This story has been updated: Tuesday, 4 August.

From midnight on Tuesday, 4 August, home gatherings will be limited to 10 people – reduced from 50 – and individuals will only be allowed to consume alcohol in a licensed venue while seated.

“These are not restrictions that we put in place lightly; we hate putting these restrictions in place,” Marshall said.

“We fully appreciate the massive effect that these will have on gatherings that have already been planned… but we put them in place to keep the people in our state safe.

“We’re extraordinarily concerned about the Victorian outbreak and the potential for seeding in other jurisdictions.”

Marshall added it is “likely” Adelaide Oval will limit spectators to 10,000, fitness studios will be scrutinised, and there may be changes to density restrictions at licensed venues.

The current density restrictions allow for one person per two square metres, with no overall cap for rooms or venues.

Chief public health officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said SA Health would be looking at “high-risk activities” when considering these additional increases in restrictions.

“Unfortunately it’s when people are getting close together, adults are getting close together, and often, not always, but also when there’s associated drinking and enjoyment of alcohol, because we do all tend to get a bit disinhibited in those sorts of settings,” she said

Professor Spurrier stressed any increased restrictions brought in should not be seen as a punishment on any individual business within the sector.

“I’ve talked about the [Adelaide] Oval management and also the Adelaide Casino, and also a wide range of other entertainment venues, where they have done such a fantastic job of making it COVID safe,” she said, “so this is not in any way, when we look at more restrictions, a punishment at all on anybody in that sector. It is just that, if we leave it and we don’t get ahead of the curve with this disease, it is so difficult to catch up, as has been seen in Victoria.”

Marshall added “sensible increases in restrictions”  will occur to protect South Australian businesses from the kind of restrictions currently being seen in Victoria.

“By staying in front of the curve, we can protect those jobs in the medium term, and that’s precisely what we’re focussed on,” he said.

“We are not looking at the type of restrictions that are in place in Victoria at the moment. We are probably heading towards the type of restrictions that still exist in Queensland and New South Wales.

“South Australia has had the lightest touch restrictions. We are concerned about the seeding into non-Victorian states at the moment, and we’ve gotta stay ahead of this curve. You only get one chance with a second wave.”

SA Police issued a $5,060 fine to a Hindley Street venue on Friday, 31 July when the venue was found to be operating as a nightclub, with patrons drinking and dancing.

The two new COVID-19 cases identified today in South Australia bring the state’s total number of cases to 457.

SA Health has released a COVID-19 health alert calling on anyone who attended the following three venues at the designated times and dates to immediately isolate for 14 days and seek a COVID-19 test, regardless of whether symptoms are exhibited:
• Fernwood Fitness, Salisbury Downs on Saturday, 1 August between 6pm—8:30pm
• Agha Juice House, Blair Athol on Friday 31 July between 5pm—7:30pm
• Najafi Carpet Gallery, Kilburn on Wednesday, 29 July between 5pm—8pm.

A further three locations were identified by SA Health, where people who attended at specific times are not required to self-isolate, but should monitor their symptoms. See here for more information.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by coronavirus news and feel like you’re not coping, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 any time, or via text at 0477 13 11 14 6pm until midnight any day.

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