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March 23, 2020

How CityMag is changing what we do as a response to COVID-19

We are upping our digital edition frequency and managing a growing, solutions-based community group on Facebook. Join us in our effort to arm our readers with empathy in this evolving, global disruption.

  • Image: Daniel Emma

As a special response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and uncertainty around, well – life – CityMag is radically altering our business model to better serve you right now.

While it’s absolutely the media’s job to report on the evolving situation, it is also our job to ensure you have context around this information so you can make decisions differently and in the best interest of yourself and your community.


The feature image is from our story on design duo – Daniel Emma’s release last week of a series of delightful lucky charms to help us through this difficult situation

Not only will our reporting increase over this time, but we are also increasing the frequency of our emails, coming into your inbox twice a week – on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our increased coverage is taking two forms:


Special Report: COVID-19 Adelaide

CityMag’s ‘Special Report’ page collects and houses all the articles we are publishing on the situation. Our articles will be solutions-based, positive and safe-to-share stories that help you navigate day-to-day life in this new reality and also aid in helping us all empathise with others who are experiencing this virus more acutely.

A big part of the ‘Special Report’ tab is our commitment to supporting small business. We are currently building lists of businesses and how they (like us) are adapting their business model to better serve customers during reduced social interactions and increased social distance.

Please email our publisher – Josh Fanning ( –with dot points on what you’re doing differently and try and supply us a quality image of your business

If what you’re doing is an unprecedented or exceptional innovation with benefit to our readers – we will be in contact to write up your story as a standalone piece.

Caremongering Adelaide 5000

This Facebook Group is based around the concept of Caremongering – ie: harbouring and spreading care rather than fear and panic.

The group is buoyant and FULL of practical stories and useful connections to people in the city who are helping others and can help you.

We urge you to join, contribute, learn and adapt with us as Adelaide goes through this historical disruption together.

And if you have anything else to share or point out that you feel might be useful for us to consider and publish – please email either our editor, Johnny von Einem or publisher – Joshua Fanning on the addresses below:

jvoneinem [at]
jfanning [at]

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