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October 24, 2019

Calling all chilli fiends: Ba Guo Bu Yi is basically on fire

In the second of our 'Real Chinatown' degustations we take you on a tour of one of the hottest menus on Gouger Street.

The first Real Food, Real Wine event at TASTE on Wright Street was – by all accounts – a great success.

CityMag’s digital editor, Johnny von Einem delivered a rousing cross-cultural dialogue about our magazine and its fascination with the ever-evolving, quickly-growing, and always-delicious Chinatown, while Eric Ho of Oh Rice Media and Jose Zhang of Wine Residents Club worked the room the entire night.

All up, we ate our way through seven courses and six wines.

The next Chinatown food safari takes place on Wednesday 30 October at Szechuan restaurant Ba Guo Bu Yi on Gouger Street.


Real Food, Real Wine

A seven-course degustation at Ba Guo Bu Yi restaurant on Gouger Street with guided tasting notes from your hosts. Eat the best dishes on the menu and learn about Chinese cuisine and meet the people building the new and emerging Chinatown in Adelaide.

Tickets: $27.50
Buy them here.

The back entrance to Ba Guo Bu Yi on Moonta street


Eric tells us Ba Guo, historically refers to a tribal nation once known as “Ba”, that occupied the eastern Si Chuan basin in the south-west of China. In its heyday, it covered most of today’s Si Chuan province.

Bu Yi, he continues – is a term of endearment for “the common people”.

As the name suggests, the restaurant draws its inspiration from the Si Chuan (AKA Szechuan) cuisine. Eric says Ba Guo Bu Yi “seeks excellence and refinement in dishes created by, and, for the common people.

“It is the vision and goal of the restaurant to deliver an authentic dining experience of such cuisine to this beautiful southern State of Australia which it now calls home,” says Eric.


Real Food, Real Wine: Ba Guo Bu Yi

Tickets to Real Food. Real Wine are $27.50 and include a glass of wine. You can read a bit more about the event concept on the Eventbrite page and review the seven dishes below.

Real Food, Real Wine are an effort by CityMag, Oh Rice Media and Wine Residents Club to bring people together around a table to share food and everything that goes with it – good conversation and stronger connections between diverse communities.


The Menu

Part 1:

Pork Belly with Chilli Garlic

Shredded Pork with Sweet Brown Sauce (served with bao)


Part 2:

Signature Spicy Fish Fillet

Fried Chicken with Dry Chilli and Peppercorn



Part 3:

Spicy Beef Tenderloin Pottage with Silk Tofu

Sizzling Lamb Ribs with Cumin Spice

Stir-Fried Long Beans with Pork Mince


Buy tickets ($27.50) to the second instalment of Real Food, Real Wine.



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