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February 20, 2020

The Fringe survival guide

You’ve just come off the dance floor at Fringe Club and your phone’s completely dead, you’re starving, and you’ve got work the next day. Where do you turn?

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The new generation OTR store on Rundle Street looks more like a modern sneaker or apparel store than a 24-hour-convenience shop. Unlike most retail stores though – inside you can charge your phone, grab a late night bowl of rigatoni pasta, and pick up a Berocca to drink before you hit your bed.


OTR Rundle Street
179 Rundle Street, Adelaide 5000
Open 24/7

This article was produced in partnership with OTR.

The fluorescent tube lighting of the traditional convenience store aesthetic has been replaced here at the new OTR on Rundle St by the warm glow of LED strips and illuminated circular disks that hang from the ceiling. It’s the kind of space – complete with flowers and fresh fruit – that looks like the offspring of one of Adelaide’s small bars.

Unlike Adelaide’s small bars, however, the upgraded aesthetic here at OTR hasn’t affected the price of things: The classic Moe’s hot dog still costs just $3.

An oasis in Adelaide, OTR on Rundle St is part of the new generation of convenience stores the company will roll out across the state and nation in coming years.

Its focus, as always, is convenience, but it’s amazing how much this proposition comes to life during Fringe and Festival time. The ‘we never close’ tagline welcomes all sorts in after shows, or when the bars close, to get what they need to see the night through. 

The cashless till means staff and customers are kept safe at any time of day or night, while the on-street service windows can dish out anything available behind the counter quicker than you can hail an Uber. So next time your phone battery is heading to zero, or your stomach starts to rumble at 1am – remember OTR Rundle St is always open to get you sorted.


CityMag‘s OTR Fringe Survival Guide


Essential ingredient number one is decent coffee. OTR’s new single-origin Nitro cold brew is a level up for your caffeine requirements day-or-night.


Hot dog

The ultimate stomach liner / energiser for a big night under the stars at one of the fantastic Fringe hubs. A Moe’s hot dog and shake for $7.00 is rad.



We love Midnight Spaghetti, but 2am Thai is fantastic too. It’s great to be able to carb-load at OTR after burning up the Fringe Club dance floor.



OTR has every power cord imaginable so you can charge your phone while you charge down piping hot pasta from the deli section.



Sometimes you need a sugar hit more than anything and OTR’s range of gummy lollies and popcorn will absolutely tick that box.



Restore good gut health after an accidental big night out with a quick mango lassi full of positive pro-biotics and a couple of protein balls.



OTR’s own ‘EAT’ range of products are utterly modern with grab-and-go options like this protein pot and single-serve bircher muesli.



Stay protected day or night. Adults can forget but – more than ever – it’s important for everyone to slip, slop, slap and wrap.



Cold pressed and fresh, OTR’s own juice range will get a bunch of essential nutrients into you without requiring you to chew.

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