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October 17, 2019

Get to know the real Chinatown with two insiders

With our guides Eric Ho and Jose Zhang, join CityMag on our first safari adventure into the real Chinatown with our friends from Oh Rice Media and Wine Residents Club.

  • Feature image: Aditya Roma

CityMag has always been fascinated with Chinatown’s expansion, but have struggled to get ‘an in’ with the people driving growth and change for one of our city’s most beloved districts.


Real Food, Real Wine

A seven-course degustation in an authentic and modern Chinatown restaurant with guided tasting notes from your host. Eat the best dishes on the menu and learn about Chinese cuisine and meet the people building the new and emerging Chinatown in Adelaide.

Tickets: $25.00
Buy them here.

This changed when we met Eric Ho of Oh Rice media.

Eric, along with friend and collaborator, Jose Zhang of Wine Residents Club, are two enterprising young men who are all about increasing Chinatown’s permeability and cross-cultural dialogue with the broader population of Adelaide.

“There are only around 40,000 Chinese speakers in Adelaide,” says Eric. “There are what? 1.2 million English speakers?”

Together with Oh Rice Media and Wine Residents Club, CityMag is hosting a series of insider experiences in what Eric and Jose are calling the real Chinatown.

Eric and Jose will host the events and speak to the menus presented as well as pair each meal with wine. This is a great event for anyone who – like us – have walked past that new Chinese restaurant, with no English on the menu, and wondered what it would be like to just walk in and order what she’s having.


Real Food, Real Wine

The first event is will be at Taste Restaurant on Monday, 21 October 2019.

Taste on Wright Street, “is a Chinese restaurant that has a variety of Chinese dishes from different parts of China,” says Eric.

We know it as the contemporary looking restaurant near iDarts that’s full of young people at all hours of the night. It’s supremely popular, but we’ve never felt confident to enter.

“You can taste food from Zhejiang, Sichuan, Cantonese, Northwest and other famous dishes from all over China. For the last seven years, Taste not only produces famous dishes of excellence, but also innovate in the dining – introducing hotpot, skewers and chef-made noodles,” says Eric.

“Founder Jerry Wang said, ‘When we go into Taste, everything we do revolves around a home. I hope that every guest who comes in can feel the taste of home, the atmosphere of home, and the value of home.'”


The menu

Tickets to Real Food. Real Wine are $25.00 and include a glass of wine. You can read a bit more about the event concept on the Eventbrite page and review the seven dishes below.

Part 1:
Yuxiang Shredded Pork
Cashew chicken


Part 2:
Xinjiang large plate chicken
Herb baked lamb chops


Part 3:
Black pepper beef fillet
Mao Xue Wang
Minced beef thick tofu soup



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