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December 1, 2016

Wines you should know about: Lambrook Wines

Winemaking is a heavily involved process, and according to Brooke and Adam Lampit of Lambrook Wines, that's how every aspect of the wine business should be.

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  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Julian Cebo

Family-owned businesses are almost a given in the Australian wine industry, but very few come close to being as mum-and-pop as Lambrook Wines.


You can find Lambrook Wines at East End Cellars, Hutt Street Cellars and Strathmore Cellars in the city, or through their online store.

Owned, operated, and delivered by Brooke and Adam Lampit themselves, it’s this hand-to-hand attitude to business that they see as their key point of difference.

“There’s nothing more family than our wine,” Adam says.

“There’s no other shareholders, there’s no investors… we bottle the wine, and then we sell the wine, and then we physically deliver the wine.

“We put so much time and effort into making this, if we can’t get it to the last step because someone lets you down, there’s no point.”

Having both worked for major wineries before starting their own label, it was a humble aim that Brooke and Adam had for their product.

We kind of just wanted to make some wines that we like to drink, and see if friends and family liked it,” Brooke says.

“It was just a little project… so there was never a real intention to have a business per se, it was just to make some wines that we like to drink and… it just snowballed from there, really.”

When we first started, our real dream was to actually be able to go somewhere, go to a restaurant, and see our wine being poured. That was our real goal,” Adam continues.

Since hand-labelling their first batch at home in the kitchen, their range has expanded to a selection of wines they say all offer an insight into the best of what the Adelaide Hills can offer, taking from a variety of vineyards in the region.

The [approach] of having all of these different vineyards was that we couldn’t have one vineyard that we could buy, potentially, that would have all the different varieties on there that we want to put in a bottle,” Brooke explains.

“So we [instead] hand-select the best parcels of wine, to create the best bottles of wine from The Hills and get a good cross-section of quality fruit.”

The most recent Lambrook tipple the couple has been working on is a sparkling white that’s been four years in the making.

“It’s a really long, slow process… so the investment of money is an absolute shocker,” Adam says.

“It was quite nerve-wracking to be completely honest,” Brooke continues.

“And we do various trials and things along the way [but] you don’t actually know how it’s going to turn out.

“[But when we] poured it into the glass, it just had this fine little bead, and yeah… to see this elegant bead like a Champagne would have, it was really exciting, because it kind of meant that it worked.”

Hard work and persistence are tenets of the Lambrook philosophy, and it’s easy to see why Brooke and Adam’s wines are popping up at more and more bottle shops around the city.

“To be competitive in the market you have to over-deliver in quality and over-deliver in service, that was our approach,” Adam says.

“If you take [our wine] to a dinner party, we think you can be quite proud of that, and when you drink it, it’s good – we really back that wine as a fabulous wine.”

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