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March 10, 2020

Three cheers at La Buvette

When the hurried East End becomes too much this festival season, steal away to the city's favourite French bar for quiet, calm, and a serving of one of the bar's three favourite drinks.

  • Words: Joshua Fanning
  • Pictures: Brendan Homan

Apparently the longest continuous timber beam in Adelaide is holding up the roof of La Buvette Drinkery.

Every detail of this perfect small bar in the backstreets of Adelaide combines to create a real feeling of otherness and sense of escape.



There are only two monks alive in the world at any one time that know the recipe to Chartreuse. This digestif is the perfect nightcap and can cut through the most decadent meal with herbaceous and complex characters.



This Picon Bière aperitif has a cult following in Adelaide and tastes like the sun looks on an autumn evening.



La Buvette no longer refers to their list of organic and preservative-free wine as ‘natural’. The purpose of such winemaking techniques, and what winemaker Claire Naudin is doing with this pinot noir, is telling a story about place and family and love. She’s not starting an argument!


Hey Bartender

Dominic Lentz and wife Hayley opened La Buvette in 2015. From the moment they opened, Dom says Adelaide embraced the bar and its myriad French imbibes.

Dominic Lentz


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