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July 22, 2020

Support SA brewing with the Heaps Good Indie Beer pack

Thirteen independent South Australian brewers are making it easier than ever to support local and drink a range of good beer, with the Heaps Good Indie Beer pack.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Graphic: Nicky Capurso

The coronavirus pandemic has been a terrible time – there is no doubt – but there have been some small pockets of good that have come in response to it.


Heaps Good Indie Beer
Thirteen breweries, 24 beers, packaged and delivered to your door.
$120 per carton
To order, visit the website.

Once such pouch of sunshine is the Heaps Good Indie Beer pack – a coming together of South Australia’s brewing industry, all in the name of getting good, and most importantly, local beer into punters’ hands.

The inaugural Heaps Good Indie Beer pack launched back in April, the concept proving so popular the crew has put together a follow-up release, this time with 13 breweries involved.

“The last pack was such a success, it was an obvious decision to follow it up with another cracker,” says Heaps Good Indie Beer organiser and founder of The Suburban Brew, Tony Dichiera.

“We realised it was time to band together again and help each other out. As a community, we can pull great collaboration projects together really quickly and everyone’s in the right mindset to do it. And the beers are excellent!”

There are just 300 24-pack cartons available, with each pack acting as a time capsule of this moment in South Australia’s brewing history.

The participating breweries are Barossa Valley Brewing, The Suburban Brew, Left Barrel Brewing, Swell Brewing Co., Watsacowie Brewing Company, Shapeshifter Brewing Company, Sparkke, Big Shed Brewing Concern, Little Bang Brewing Company, Mismatch Brewing Co., Uraidla Brewery, Prancing Pony Brewery and Fox Hat Brewing.

“Again, it shows the wide divide between aromas and flavours of the craft scene compared with mainstream beer,” says Tony.

Supporting local is a drum CityMag has beaten to damn near death over iour seven-year history, and we do so because we love hearing stories like that of the South Australian brewing industry.

The independent brewing scene in South Australia has grown from fewer than 10 breweries to more than 50 in the last two decades.

“While we only have a tiny share of the national market segment, we are in the forefront of craft beer drinkers’ thoughts about quality, individuality and supporting local,” Tony says.

Our burgeoning independent brewing scene has led to an enormous expansion of what South Australian drinkers have come to expect from their front bars – considerate craft, big flavours and local produce now expected as standard.

You’ll find plenty of all of the above in the second edition of the Heaps Good Indie Beer pack, which is available for purchase now. Head to the website to order.


Heaps Good Indie Beer II participating breweries and beers:
Barossa Valley Brewing – Aussie Pale Ale + Harvest Heaven 2020 Wet Hop Ale
Little Bang Brewing: Schwangberry + ‘Beard Fiction’ American Pale Ale
Prancing Pony: India Red Ale + Sunshine Ale
Left Barrel Brewing – ‘Right a Stout Now’ Belgian Stout + ‘Dark Wave’ Black Saison
The Suburban Brew – India Pale Ale + Salted Chocolate & Fig Stout
Shapeshifter Brewing – Nordic Hazy IPA + Porter
Swell – Chocolate Milk Stout + Playa NEXPA
Fox Hat – ‘Phat Mongrel’ Oatmeal Stout
Mismatch – Traditional Stout + Mandarin Berliner Weisse
Big Shed – ‘Golden Stout Time’ Dessert Stout + ‘Frankenbrown’ American Brown Ale
Sparkke – ‘To Bee or Not to Bee’ Black IPA + Pilsner
Watsacowie – English Porter + Nordic Pacific Ale
Uraidla Brewery – ‘Third Eye’ Pale Ale

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