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September 25, 2014

How to… Sunday breakfast in the city

Sunday breakfast is the universal highpoint of the week and it should be treated with the deference it deserves. Here is an expert's guide on doing it right.

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  • Pictures: Josie Withers
  • Pictures 1 & 2 - Josie's home
  • Pictures 3, 4 & 5 - The Market Shed
  • Pictures 6 & 7 - Café Troppo

Maybe it’s 2pm and you’re heinous hangover from Saturday has only just receded enough for you to contemplate eating, or maybe you’ve been up since 6am with kids jumping on you – either way, Sunday breakfast is a moment of salvation and it should be taken seriously.

Unfortunately, few city establishments show Sunday breakfast the respect it deserves and many CBD heavyweights (See: Nano) are closed. Regular CityMag photographer Josie Withers does Sunday right, so we asked for her guide to the best city eats on a Sunday morning.

Option 1 – The Market Shed on Holland
1 Holland Street, Adelaide (behind the Gilbert Street IGA)


Whether Saturday night was large or not, Josie is up early at the request of her French bulldog Brooklyn who insists on a walk in the Southern Parklands before the sun gets too high in the sky. It was on one of these trips that Josie and her partner Greg first came across the Market Shed.

“I was immediately attracted by the organic produce as I’m not a fan of supermarkets,” says Josie. As well as buying her weekly dose of greens here, she also likes to stave off her early morning hunger.

“I like to get something new each time, because they always have such a variety. I am a sucker though for the Croatian zucchini balls from Fritole by Ma & Me. They are to die for. And coffee by Small Batch. And a slow pressed green juice – not sure of the name of the company though! Also, I’m so happy Veggie Velo is back, who doesn’t love a haloumi burger on a Sunday?! That’s the tell tale sign on whether it was a big night or not.”

Option 2 – Café Troppo
42 Whitmore Square, Adelaide

Troppo always has some good vegetarian options.

Troppo always has some good vegetarian options.

Troppo is teeming on a Sunday morning, which can only be a good indication about the quality of the food inside. On the other hand, it might mean a wait which is something pre-caffeine people can find challenging. Josie approaches this with a zen attitude that still involves quickly accessing coffee.

“Get a coffee and sit on the curb, just think, it’ll be worth it once you’re in and time goes fast with good company,” she says while CityMag wonders if we hang out with the wrong people.

Josie’s Troppo menu recommendations are pretty straightforward too: “Everything. Seriously. I love their seasonal menu.”

Option 3 – Your kitchen
We’re not sure where, hopefully you know

The view from the Withers' kitchen.

The view from the Withers’ kitchen.

Every now and again Josie’s social media feed will feature something delicious looking. When we check where it’s from and realise she made it, our feelings of inadequacy come flooding back. Nevermind, she did have some guidance for us.

Cooking with colour and what is in season is important in my choice of what to eat,” she says. “We’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful produce in the world so it’s important to me to make the most of it.

“I’m such a visual person, I’m constantly looking through magazines, particularly Gourmet Traveller…. I love flicking through different photographers, restaurants, travellers, stylists and magazines – you come across some brilliant shots, and as I don’t follow recipes, it’s good because I just make it up.”

Option 4 – Wait for Sunday lunch
The Lazy Susan Lunch Club, monthly

Even if it looks like lunch food and it is served at lunch-time, it can still be Sunday breakfast if it’s the first meal of the day.

Josie collaborates with chef Michael Proud on something called The Lazy Susan Lunch Club, which is a monthly event in various locations where they set-up a “family style” (without the fighting) long table lunch. They do everything – food, wine, decorating, dishes – and you just have to hang out, get to know the people sitting next to you and quietly eat and drink until you can’t anymore. This month’s event is sold out, but keep an eye on the Facebook page for the October edition.

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