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October 3, 2019

Real Falafel is moving to a bigger, better shopfront

Real Falafel is expanding with a bigger presence and broader food offering in the Adelaide Central Market, but that's just one bit of good news that has chef and owner Mitch Aldawsari smiling.

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  • Words and pictures: Johnny von Einem

After nearly a year and a half trading in a small frontage on the border of the Central Market Arcade and the Adelaide Central Market, Real Falafel (the purveyor of Adelaide’s best falafel) is moving into the Market proper.

In a space recently vacated by Piroshki Café, chef Mitch Aldawsari will take on the larger site and provide an expanded version of his original concept, opening at the end of the month.


Real Falafel’s new shop is located at Stall 3, Adelaide Central Market and will launch at the end of October.

In the meantime, visit Real Falafel at its current location at 22a Central Market Arcade and at Plant 4 Bowden.


He tells CityMag Real Falafel’s takeaway offering will remain the same – freshly made falafel and a range of bowls and sabich sandwiches (pita bread pockets). With the increased seating capacity – around 30, he says – Real Falafel will also serve a new breakfast menu.

Mitch wants to keep most of the menu “as a surprise for my customer to find out,” he smiles, but he lets on the baked egg dish shakshouka will be a major focus.

“We’re going to provide three kinds of shakshoukas. The normal shakshouka is served with poached eggs and tomato sauce on it,” Mitch says.

“I’ve seen a lot of shakshouka in South Australia, but still we could call it Real Shakshouka because you always expect from the traditional people to provide the traditional food, so what we’re providing in the new shop is going to be traditional food.”

The new Real Falafel shop will also have a delicatessen section and a range of Middle Eastern sweets, and will operate extended hours to match the Adelaide Central Market’s operating hours, starting at the earlier time of 7am.

“I’m excited to move with the Central Market and I thank the Central Market for giving me the opportunities to operate with them. I’m so excited,” Mitch says with a broad smile.

“Since when I came as a refugee from Saudi Arabia, I have been working hard in building my business and my first dream is to have a business in the Market. My good luck bring me to Adelaide Central Market and I’ve been lucky to have my application accepted and move to the Central Market.”

Mitch is very excited about the new shopfront


News of Real Falafel’s expansion comes only a few weeks after Mitch also celebrated the approval of his permanent residency visa. He came to Australia from Saudi Arabia in 2015 on a student visa and applied for protection from persecution for his sexuality. After four years the visa was approved on Friday, 20 September, and Mitch is about to begin the process of applying for citizenship.

“It’s really exciting. I absolutely feel born again. I’ve been waiting for four years,” Mitch says.

“I thank the Australian government, I thank my supporter, Lois Boswell, the woman I used to live with, she was one of my supporters on my application, and Don Frater.

“I was looking for a homestay, at that time in my life I was really miserable, I really needed family, in terms of love and acceptance. And I was on a student visa and I was looking for a family to live with

“Lois posted her room for rent because the daughter going to Europe for scholarship to study. I moved in with Lois and Don, and from there my life absolutely changed.

“They support me as a family and they stand up for me and they give me the space and they always look after me. They did something even my family didn’t do for me, so they’re really amazing people, and I really do appreciate them.”

Mitch says his dedication to his business and his love of food and service hasn’t changed with the news – but that he’s excited he can now look forward to a future serving the local community that has welcomed and accepted him with such warmth.

“I’m very glad that I’m serving Australian and especially I’m serving South Australian and local people. Being part of South Australia and local people – and I’m part of the local people right now,” he says.

“If you are a doctor or if you are an engineer, there is a way to send your message to your customer and to your people. The way I always do it, I do it through my food and my love for food.

“At the end of the day, food is the way to bring us and make us socialise and be together. So yeah, the way I communicate with my customers is food, and I’m looking forward as well and cannot wait to serve my customers my new menu.”

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