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February 22, 2022

Natural wines and super times at Super Natural Wine Party

Happening at a "secret warehouse" location in the CBD, Super Natural Wine Party is bringing back the drink-and-disco revelry missing from recent iterations of Tasting Australia, with a roster of local and interstate DJs and a lineup of all-natural wine producers.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Above: A prior party at Oddio, not the actual venue

In a CBD warehouse, the location of which is yet to be revealed, a gaggle of good-time providers is bringing about a night of party wines and disco for Tasting Australia.


Super Natural Wine Party
Saturday, 7 May
CBD Location
More info

Super Natural is an initiative of Goodboy Events and will happen on Saturday, 7 May. The party will see South Australia’s finest natural and minimal-intervention winemakers pour new, rare and in some cases specially created wines into revellers cups.

The winemakers on board for the evening are Frederick Stevenson, Jean Bouteille, Comme Ci Comme Ça, Moorak, Delinquente, Parley and Italian Plastic.

Frederick Stevenson has created a limited-edition blend that will only be available on the night, and Super Natural will be the first opportunity to taste a new collaboration from Jean Bouteille and Comme Ci Comme Ça.

“The legends from Parley are making up something special for us,” says Mark Kamleh, co-founder of Wine Country who is lending his curatorial talents to the wine event.

“And all the others are opening up the vaults early so we are the first to see wines they will be releasing later in the year.”


Accompanying the drinks is a roster of local and interstate DJs. Mell Hall and Annie Bass make up the local contingent, while Luen and Lex Deluxe will travel over from Sydney and Melbourne, respectively.

The lineup will offer up “a pretty special energy full of disco and party jams,” Mark says.

The last couple of years have featured relatively subdued wine parties at Tasting Australia, due to the onerous coronavirus restrictions. Mark’s keen to bring back the energy of earlier, pre-COVID years.


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“For the first couple years of the current Tasting Australia format there were parties in the program – proper parties, where music and wine met. Dancing was a thing! People are still talking about those parties,” Mark says.

“The last couple of years the party element hasn’t been around the festival in the same way. Goodboy Events, and myself are keen to create the party once again.”

Because of this, Mark expects Super Natural to appeal to a broad array of tasting Australia festivalgoers.

“We anticipate winemakers, chefs, people there just for the music, people there just for the wine – everyone,” he says.

On your behalf, dear reader, and to satisfy our own curiosity, we asked for additional clues as to where exactly the party will be held. Mark remained tight-lipped.

“It is 10-minute walk from Victoria Square Tarntanyannga – that’s all you get,” he says.

We tried, friends.

For tickets to Super Natural, head to Tasting Australia’s website.

To keep an ear out for the inevitable location announcement, see the event page.

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