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November 15, 2018

Lobstercola: Slick Lobster turns restaurant for a day

Adelaide Arcade barbershop Slick Lobster will this Saturday become Lobstercola: A one-dish lobster roll restaurant created in collaboration with Africola's Duncan Welgemoed.

  • Words and pictures: Johnny von Einem

Adelaide Arcade barbershop Slick Lobster is finally fulfilling its self-proclaimed title of Best Lobster in Adelaide with Lobstercola: a one-off collab with Africola’s Duncan Welgemoed.

“We’ve been trying to scunge our way into doing something with him for, like, years, because he’s the best,” Slick Lobster co-owner John Day says.


Lobstercola pop-up restaurant.

Shop 141 Adelaide Arcade.

Saturday, 17 November from 12pm(-ish).

What started as a bit of barbershop banter about opening an egg and bacon roll shop with one of Adelaide’s top chefs has turned into the barbershop shutting down for half a day on Saturday, 17 November and slinging New England lobster rolls.

“This is a one-way thing. He stands to gain nothing from this, we stand to gain everything,” John laughs.

“The recipe is actually from a mate of ours, Matty Matheson… Basically a brioche bun, lobster that’s been cooked in heaps of brown butter and garlic, a dill pickle coleslaw, a little but of chilli, and some kettle crisps.”

Slick Lobster will open as normal on Saturday morning, but will shut its doors early at 11:30am and reopen 30-45 minutes later as Lobstercola. Stock will be super limited, so the crew urge you to get in quick.

“It’s the best fucking lobster roll, at least in Adelaide Arcade,” Duncan says.

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