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April 8, 2020

Cocktail recipe: KI Spirits’ Mulberry and Orange Fizz

If you miss your bartender as much as we miss ours, try this super simple recipe to bring a bit of your favourite small bar into your home.

  • Words: Johnny von Einem
  • Pictures: Meaghan Coles

There is no end to the respect we at CityMag have for the bartenders in our lives who make the most complex of cocktails seem simple under the influence of their deft hands.

Many things can go wrong in the pursuit of the perfect spirit/sweetener/tonic ratio, but our good friends at Kangaroo Island Spirits have brought to us a recipe that all but eliminates the possibility of failure.

A fizz is best experienced while sitting in speckled sunlight on a 38 degree day, in the courtyard of a café, restaurant or bar with a decent enough perch from which to people watch as the ice creates condensation on the side of your glass in tandem with the beading sweat on your forehead.

It’s a drink to tune out to.

Given our circumstances, whatever window in your home offers the best vista will have to do – be it birds in trees, neighbours walking dogs past your front lawn, or the calm serenity of your empty backyard.

Whatever the case, a mulberry and orange fizz will make a fine accompaniment.

This recipe calls for KIS’ Mulberry Gin, made in a sloe-gin style and drawing inspiration from a historic mulberry tree on Kangaroo Island, and which features “naturally sweet and boldly tart, rich and smooth mulberry flavours,” the Kangaroo Island Spirits team tells us.

Browse the KI Spirits range here, and go forth and fizz.


Mulberry and Orange Fizz

45ml KIS Mulberry Gin

120ml Capi Sparkling Blood Orange Juice


Orange (fresh or dehydrated)



Fill wine glass with ice, add in sparkling blood orange juice.

Then gently pour over the Mulberry gin which will rest on top.

Garnish with a slice of fresh or dehydrated orange.


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