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November 30, 2016

Superfish brings us one-off dinner An Evening with The Elephant

Good food, good drink and good times for a good cause.

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  • Pictures: Jack Brookes

By now, thanks to the avalanches of love and hype that have been flowing in the direction of the team behind Superfish, it’s become clear that The Happy Motel and The Social Creative can make a good venue.


An Evening with The Elephant takes place from 6.30pm on Monday, December 12 at Superfish – 188 Grenfell Street, Adelaide. Tickets are available here.

But a one-off dinner set to be announced by the Superfish team today provides evidence that they’re good people too.

On the evening of December 12, the partners will be hosting An Evening with The Elephant – an exclusive dinner to raise awareness and funds for mental health advocates batyr.

“It’s a really close issue for a lot of us here,” says Happy Motelier and Superfish chef and collaborator Jordan Jeavons. “The creative arts is an industry where it can be really hard to talk about those things – people are very supportive but they’re also under a lot of pressure.”


Batyr is an organisation that runs programs in schools and universities with the aim of encouraging young people to discuss their mental health openly and seek help freely. The dinner coincides with batyr’s first foray into South Australia after it was originally established in NSW about five years ago by founder Sebastian Robertson.

South Australian program co-ordinator for batyr, Carly Sare, says the organisation wanted to find a relevant way to collaborate for the fundraiser.

“I wanted to bring in some of the most vibrant people locally who are visibly doing things in the community,” she says.

“Breaking down stigma goes beyond awareness. We need to replace old dialogue with one which is more positive and empowering. Collaborating with Jordan’s team and their ventures is consistent with that message for us.”

For the event, Jordan and the Superfish crew are crafting an experience that contains the philosophy of batyr’s work at its heart.


“It will just be a great dinner in its own right,” says Jordan, “But the whole point of it is to get people to interact in a participatory and fun environment and make them feel safe revealing some things about themselves if they want to do that.”

“The dinner will basically be a showcase of what we’re doing at Superfish food-wise – so you get almost an overview of everything we’re doing regularly in the kitchen by coming to the event.”

Comprising a comprehensive cocktail-style menu that Jordan characterises as “opulent”, the dinner will also be accompanied by a series of artist-driven experiences that will help create the open and interactive atmosphere for which the team are aiming.

Coriole Vineyards, The Hills Cider Company and Mismatch Brewing are also sponsoring An Evening with The Elephant, with all proceeds from the bar, as well as half the ticket price, going directly to support batyr.

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