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March 1, 2019

NOLA’s favourite drinks for autumn

The former stables on Vardon Avenue have continued to transform, while NOLA cements its position as Adelaide’s preeminent whiskey and beer bar. Here's what they think you should be drinking this autumn.

  • Pictures: Brendan Homan

NOLA's Rambling Frenchman

NOLA’s Rambling Frenchman

The cocktail

The Rambling Frenchman is made with the raspberry by-product of another great cocktail on NOLA’s menu, The Roffignac, making this drink both smart and tasty.








NOLA's Lemongrass Spritz

NOLA’s Lemongrass Spritz

The spritz

The Lemongrass Spritz holds on to the sun’s warmth while autumn shifts the evenings into a cooler mode.









Little Bang's Naked Objector NEIPA - available at NOLA

Little Bang’s Naked Objector NEIPA – available at NOLA

The Beer

The Naked Objector by Little Bang Brewing was created to commemorate a nearby resident, who held up NOLA’s liquor licence due to his desire to parade around his apartment naked. Now NOLA has this cheeky West Coast IPA while the objector’s cheeks are nowhere to be seen.








Tim Bennie, NOLA’s rambling barman

Hey bartender

Tim Bennie is the venue manager and has been at NOLA since the beginning. He quit corporate life as a team leader and now runs the team at NOLA.









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